Environmental Policy

In achieving excellence in cleaning,Clean Deep Services Ltd.aims to manage its activities,buildings and estates to promote environmental sustainability, to conserve and enhance naturalresources and to prevent environmental pollution to bring about a continual improvement in itsenvironmental performance.

Clean Deep Services Ltd.will comply fully with environmental legislation and officially approved codes ofpractice and industry guidance. We will make continued efforts:

• to consider environmental implications in making company decisions at all levels and topromote sound environmental management policies and practices
• to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst employees
• to reduce to the practical minimum the environmental impact of emissions to air, land and water and nuisance such as noise, odour, light and vibration from our operations
• to implement policies and procedures that contribute to a reduction in Clean Deep Services Ltd.’s carbon footprint
• to improve the environmental credentials of our products and services by looking for ways of reducing impacts and throughout the products’ life cycles and choosing chemicals of low toxicity wherever possible
• to maximise the proportion of waste that is recycled and minimise the quantity of non-recyclable refuse
• to minimise consumption of water and use of chemical pollutants
• to have regard to environmental factors so as far as practicable in respect of the growth of Clean Deep Services Ltd.
• to encourage modes of transport by employees which minimise the environmental impact

The implementation and monitoring of this policy will be the responsibility of the Director.


Tatiana Hibberd
Clean Deep Services Ltd.
Date: 1st February 2023