Steam and Deep Cleaning

The Difference is in the Detail

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Specialists

We specialise in steam cleaning as part of our deep clean services. We have used our steam cleaning systems in both local and national commercial and domestic settings.

We use ecologically sound methods of cleaning, killing 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. We can target surfaces and hard to reach areas with high pressure steam.

We use our industrial steam cleaner with 160-degree steam to decontaminate and disinfect over all areas. Our machine can be used across all surfaces from carpets, flooring, touchpoints, furniture, upholstery and even machinery and tools/utensils. The entire room and its content can be effectively sanitised with no messy puddles or residue and without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. A mixture of high-pressure steam and an extraction tool ensures dirt is lifted and carpets dry quickly.

By using industrial steam cleaning systems, we can produce a high level of cleaning at a quicker rate, even to problem areas thus offering greater cost savings to you. Using high pressure jetting will also reduce the risk of dust mites irritating asthma, eczema and causing allergic reactions.

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